Welcome to Sugadaira Kogen

Like a flower shaking on the plateau, unhurried kind time drifts like wind to spin the history here.

Scenery of good old volost touching a large field and the romance of the war-torn country military commander which it is active, and begin to move until a heart.

To the place that I want to visit to realize the dream that I described in the life.

The luxury named "the stay" to taste in the speed to walk relaxedly.

Do you sometimes enjoy a few special day nowhere?

Natural experience

In Sugadaira Kogen, there is a superb view filled with different charm in each in the four seasons.

Though I came for the first time, I miss you.

A change of the scenery which I did not notice all the time. Everlasting nature creates a heart with a person.

  • Karasawa no taki

    The sound of water which roars in the dazzling green ravine. Fog to go up from the basin of a waterfall creates the world of dreams and phantasms.
  • Rengetsutsuji no gunraku

    While cinnabar red of the Rhododendron japonicum quakes in the sea of the trees and plants which turned the fresh green, I burn.
  • Dabosu no oka

    The cloud which floats on a very large grassy plain. There is the scenery which stood still at the moment. Romance is dim; breathe.
  • Sugadaira bokujo

    The afternoon of the ranch which a sheath sheath and wind go through. The metronome of the heart shakes gently. The time in the gentle dream such as the illusion.
  • Japanese shaku grand mountain and Mt. 100 people of the flower

    A sea of clouds which melts into a ridgeline continuing endlessly. The superb view which is surrounded in nostalgia though I looked for the first time. An inheritance of plain nature.
  • Mato iwa

    Oiwa who begins to recite the story of spring or ancient times. Autumn to burn brings romance. A heart is had towards the history.
  • Beautiful mountain of the silver

    The snow like the angel falls in the beautiful mountain. A daydream between the rime on trees twentieth to glitter. The white scenery which is warm though it is cold.
  • Alps panorama

    Everlasting peaks widening a magnificent picture scroll. From the past to the future. Winter of an irreplaceable superb view chopped in the heart of people
  • Ski snowboarding experience

    Peaks of the silver named spring or eternity and the ream. The dream that I forgot revives hot in the depths of the heart.

    A trip to become a white legendary chief character. Winterreise which makes an unforgettable memory.

    Sugadaira Kogen skiing area

    Mt. basis, Mount Taro, 12 slopes spreading out in the Omatsuyama area, 36 courses. A lift full of the functionality links each slope where good-quality powder snow lays thick and can enjoy a good ski resort. I leave the slope, and the way of enjoying including the play with snow in skeet racking and white nature is infinite.

    History experience

    The trace of the ambition of the Sanada clan who watched the world deeply from Shinano among the steep mountains.

    The way of life of Strategist of Kiyo who let you be afraid of Ieyasu Tokugawa still reminds the heart of people of an impression and romance more than the times.

    A gust of wind ... which arises suddenly. The dream of heroes of ancient times revives vividly.

  • Sanada history building

    The museum which knows the arms of the Sanadas family treasure, furniture, a document, the history of the whole families displaying it including artworks.
  • Sanada building trace

    With the house trace which Sanada used until before changing to Ueda Castle, I am called "a mansion" in the hometown.
  • Sanada memory park

    In a park spreading out along entrance of the volost of Sanada, National highway No. 144, Yukitaka of the Masuo Okada production, Masayuki, the relief for Sanada three generations of the good luck village and a monument of "the volost of the Sanada origin" of the writer Shotaro Ikenami calligraphy stand.
  • Shinkoji

    The temple where Masayuki assumed "Shinkoji" of the foundation the mortuary tablet installation of the oldest brother sincerity rope afterwards for the Muromachi period.
  • Yamaga jinja

    The Shinto shrine where God of the genius locus of the Yamaga volost was enshrined in the company in the Engi era type.
  • Chokokuji

    Yukitaka Sanada is a founder for the going to paradise of the wife in (1547) for astronomy 16 years. It was equipped to charges of Masayuki and became the family temple of the Sanadas.